Tuesday, 7 November 2017

1st year art NEW GROUP

Tuesday 7th Nov.

For homework: Research & design an A3 size poster for Anti-Bullying week which is next week, I will collect these on Friday morning - please drop to the art room in the morning class 1 or after tutor class.  You can use paint, colouring pencil, pen, pencil or anything you like to create your piece.  I want you to bring in some images/pics for tomorrows double art class (and your colouring pencils etc) so we can start this tomorrow. Print pic out, save to tablet or ipad - no phones allowed) or bring in books, magazines, photos, postcards etc.

The deadline for this is this Friday & I will grade it.

The image below is the style of sketch book you will need for art class.  You need to get A3 size. There should be no writing on the front cover , just a black cover.

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