Project reserach - 3rd year Art

Choose one of the following themes for your project:

1. What’s the weather like? - Natural disasters around the world (sunami, hurricanes, lightening, earthquakes, volcano's, flooding, rainy day, irish weather, weather in foreign hot countires (your fav place.... in Ireland or abroad) weather (sunshine, beach, etc...) The effects of the weather on the landscape around us... (heat -->Africa- drought - lack of crops/food). Could focus on Ireland & our weather.... O-zone layer, artic circle, effects of our living/lifestyle on our environment & how it effects our very changeable weather......

2. The Seasons- Autumn, winter, spring, summer ---> changing landscapes for each season, colour changes in our surroundings (oranges, leaves etc in autumn, snow (greys, blues whites) in winter etc.....) Crops/foods that grow each season (farming/ farm life) ... the effects of the seasons on our landscape & surroundings (weather changes)..... Different celebrations each season eg:autumn -->Halloween...Winter --> Christmas, Spring --> easter etc.... different cultures celebrations each season (looking at different countries cultures & traditions compared to ours)

3. Hiding and masquerade - masked balls, venetian masks, clowns, carnivals, parades, masking your identity how you really are, identity, mystery (hiding) secrets, masking your true personality, makeup can be used to mask or change a persons image/looks (maybe hiding behind this?) Colourful balls/masks/ venetian/Egyptian or african masks?  The phantom of the opera? Celebrations, parades, carnivals, festivals

4. My favourite waste of time - This does not have to mean a negative thing (waste of time!) this can relate to your favourite thing to do/hobby/pastime/ place to spend time in/ could be reading, art, stories, dancing, drawing, sports, singing, musical instruments..... adapt the title to choose something that YOU enjoy doing in your spare time...could be travelling, spending time with relatives/friends, going to musical festivals, fashion design....

5. How would old masters respond to my neighbourhood?
This could relate to the old masters (van gogh, dali, etc etc ) and you could look at this theme from a surrealism approach, how would THEY fit in or adapt to your neighbourhood/street/lifestyle/21st century...could take a comical approach, make it interesting, creative.

6. Poem: Forever
Forever an old boy on a rickety bike with a loyal following of one terrier-type mongrel.
Forever the husband skulking outside the boutique while his wife seeks approval from a
Forever a youngster hacking the grass with bat or stick in what serves as a green space
near the housing estate.
Forever, stopped in her tracks at One Hour Photo, a student smiling indulgently at her
recent past.
Forever the girl upending the nearly-empty crisp packet and savouring life to the full, to
the last salty cheese-and-onion flavoured crumb.
Forever a freckled builder in high-vis jacket swinging his lunch-bag as he clocks in at the
chipboard hoarding.
Forever the teenagers who can’t pass up a hat display without trying on preposterous
headgear in a department store.
Forever the tall schoolboy with pony tail and full-length leather coat. And forever the
small one, pate shaved almost bald, nursing a cigarette like a sore finger.
Forever the thickset woman, dragging a shopping trolley, who pauses to rub a lottery
scratch card like Aladdin’s lamp.
Forever the exasperated mother - hatchback open, hazards flashing, eyes peeled for the
traffic police - while her son, packing the drum kit, plays it cool.
Forever the laughter fading, a dropped coin spinning to a wobbly stop.
Forever. And ever. All going well.

Below are a range of imagery that could be adapted into each theme as a starting point for your project - please do not copy anything directly, these images are just to hopefully trigger some ideas for each of the themes.....

The seasons or what's the weather like.... (Themes no. 1 & no.2 - see above)

Mother Nature





the weather - floods 

The seaons - crops/foods/fruits that grow each season?

Nautral disasters  - floods
Hiding & Masquerade...


Masking your identity - who you really are.....

Different cultures & traditions

masquerade ball

 Rachel - Research for the Support Studies:
Artist John Jude Palencar - Hiding & Masquerade.
Background on this artist:

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