Thursday, 18 October 2018


Thursday 18th October.


Could those who have still not given in the €15 for the bus for our Glebe art gallery trip on Monday please pay online before Friday.

  • If payment is not received by Friday unfortunately you can't go.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Art History essay 2004 - Leaving Cert

Monday 15th Oct.

Leaving certificate group please complete the following essay for next Monday 22nd Oct.
Also a reminder that the 2005 essay must be handed in by this Wed 17th Oct and that the deadline for payment for the trip next week is this Thursday 18th of Oct.

2004) Q.1  - Higher Level:

The Megalithic tombs in the Boyne Valley are evidence of a well organised society in Ireland at the time they were constructed.

Discuss this statement in relation to one tomb in particular, referring in your answer to its structure, decoration and function.

Illustrate your answer.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Homework: For ALL year groups

Friday 12th October:


1st Year tasters: Next week you will be starting your next taster - no homeowork!!

2nd Year: Continue working on your bookcraft final piece ahead of Mondays double art class - please bring everything with you what you will need: card, fabrics, glues etc.

3rd Year:  Continue working on your prep. sheet - everyone should have decided what they are doing for their 8-10 pieces of artwork on the prep sheet & have made decisions as to how they are done.

Transition Year: Deadline for project on artist is Monday 15th & the 5min presentation.

5th Year: Continuation with development sheet 1. Anyone who missed art history on Friday please make arrangements to catch up on your notes.

Leaving Cert.:  Art history essay 2005 Q.1 HL is due in on Monday. Also please continue with your art sheet development sheet 1 - all photos should be added into it by now & sketching from objects started - experimentation is key!
Best of luck to Chantalle on her art college interview this Saturday!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Junior Certificate - Deadline reminder 2018

Tuesday 10th October:

A reminder that the deadline for the first prep. sheet is Wednesday 24th of October at which point you will have had three and a half weeks on the prep. sheet. All work must then be stuck onto the A2 sheet and handed in on the 24th October, at which point you will then begin the final piece.

  • Please ensure you all continue with your project before I see you next Tuesday.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Leaving Cert. Exam paper question 2005 - Q.1)

Monday 8th Oct.

Please complete the following revision essay for Monday 15th Oct.
Could you also sketch Notre Dame Cathedral into your art history notes copy where we left off.  Anyone who missed the art history class on Monday please catch up on the notes before Wed.

Q.1.) Name, describe and discuss three gold objects from the Bronze Age in Ireland, making specific reference to their function, form, and the types of decoration used.
Describe the techniques used in their production.

Illustrate your answer

Monday, 1 October 2018

Junior Certificate project themes 2018/19

Monday 1st October:

The themes are:

  1. Nice one
  2. Water
  3. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it
  4. Whats over the hill?
  5. Pets and their care
  6. Poem called Acquainted by the night (see handout with poem)

Start date:  Monday `1st October

Deadline: 3rd May

Marks for project: 300 marks (min hours: 42hours needed)

For class on Tuesday can everyone please have reserached the themes & bring in some ideas for Tuesdays class.  We will go through the paper on Tuesday as well as dates & deadlines.

Leaving cert - Art history essay: For Monday 8th Oct.

Monday 1st Oct.

Leaving certs please complete the following REVISION Irish art history examination question for next Monday the 8th October in your hardback copy especially assigned to answering exam paper questions.

REMINDER: All essays must be handed in at the end of Mondays art history class & if you forget your copy you must hand it in on the Tuesday at the latest.

2007 - Higher Level:

Q.1) The two pieces of neck jewellery illustrated on the accompanying sheet are examples of pre

Christian  metalwork.
Name, describe and discuss both examples referring to the period in which they were made,
materials, form, decoration and the techniques used in their production
explain what you mean by the term La Tène.

Illustrate your answer. 

Broigher Collar

Gleninsheen Gorget