Fifth Year Art


The competition is to promote the message of positive mental health through art with the following theme: STARS CANT SHINE WITHOUT DARKNESS....
This piece can ne any size, in any medium pencil, paint, textiles, print, collage, photography etc...
Starts 2nd Feb - Thursday 12th March 5pm
The tiger head and the one above are illustrations by Christopher  Woods - for his prep sheet designing towards a poster for an art exhibition

 Work by Aisling chapman - for her prep. sheet designing a poster for an art exhibition poster
The above two pieces are prep sheet for a poster 'International Theater festival' 

Fifth years are working on a 'preliminary' sheet aka research sheet at the moment for the themes:
1)Horticulture Conference 2013, 2) Miracle makeovers, 3)Irish Craft exhibition 4)International Theatre festival..

Check out their research & sketch's so far....Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces....

  5th year still life drawings - 2012/13

    5th year wall display - still life work 2012/13

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