Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Christmas Exam Information - for all year groups

Tuesday 8th Nov.

Below, please read information on your upcoming Christmas Art Examinations.  I will be discussing this with you in class.  You will receive your exam timetable in the coming weeks. If you have any questions feel free to ask in class. I have also included some important project deadline reminders for students submitting project work as part of their Christmas exams.

1st Year Art: 
Since completing the tasters modules we will have had only three weeks of the official 1st year course - with that in mind, for your Christmas exam I will be giving you some drawing exercises focused on shading using your correct drawing pencils (2b, 4b, 5b, 6b) as this is what we are working on from next week on.
Please remember the deadline for your Anti-Bullying posters is this Friday (call to art room with your work )

2nd Year Art: 
I will be taking up your portrait/animal art piece (on A2 size paper) on Friday 24th Nov - I will mark this piece as 50% of your Christmas art exam and you will then complete a 3D lettering exam on the day of the exam (on a3 paper - will be provided ) which will be worth 50% also.

3rd Year Art: 
As our main priority and focus is on your official Junior Cert. art exam project, I will be taking up the following parts of the project which should all be submitted by 29th Nov (reminder: Final piece deadline is 22nd Nov) this will all be worth 80% of your Christmas exam. On the day of the Christmas exam you will complete a portrait facial features drawing exam to be done on the A3 paper provided (all drawings on same sheet) so please bring your drawing equipment to the exam - this is worth 20%.

5th Year Art: 
I will be grading the following - Project: 70%  - 8 weeks spent on this in total so far - You should submit the following work from the Workbook: Initial Research sheet, dev. Sheet 1, dev. Sheet 2. Final still life for A – you should also have done dev. Sheet 1 & 2 for part B (craft) – you will finish the final piece for part B after the exams are over. 30% of your exam will be based on art history so please revise the stone age & Newgrange section and have a look at some past exam paper questions - I will be giving you a past exam paper question for your art history examination. 

Leaving Cert. Art:
As discussed in class, for your Christmas exam I will be grading the workbook (part B) which should include the initial reserach sheet for a & b, Dev sheet 1 and 2 for B (craftwork section) and a final craftwork piece.  This should all be submitted by 21st Dec. This is worth 50%
You will also be given an art history exam which is worth 50% - this will be a past exam paper question taken from the 5th year art history course - please revise your stone age & bronze age sections. 

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