Monday, 6 November 2017

2nd Year Homework - NEW PROJECT & Homework

Monday 6th Nov.

The following project starts on Thursday 9th Nov. For homework I want you to spend some time and thought researching an idea for this new project as well as gathering your images together for Thursdays art class.


Please have a self portrait photo with you, saved to iPad or printed out in colour (please ensure photos are very clear and not pixilated). Your portrait photo should show detail & be very clear.
Remember you will have to draw from this photo so no blurry photos please.

You will also have to bring in a photo of an animal of your choice (this animal can represent your personality or be an animal which you like for whatever reason )

  • The piece is to be A2 size paper & must be portrait. You can choose to draw, paint, add materials, keep it black and white etc. Whatever 

The deadline for this project is Friday 24th Nov. 

Below are some examples:

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