Thursday, 5 October 2017

2nd Year Homework

Thursday 5th Oct.

Choose ONE of the following OUTLINED images below (elephant or fish)- with your pencil draw in the OUTLINE of the image, into A4 paper.  Bring in a prit-stick and a sheet from an old newspaper on Monday for the double art class please.
We will be starting a black and white collage (examples at bottom) in Mondays double class.

Choose ONE of the images below & sketch their outline into your art pad for Mondays class - so that on Monday we can start applying the collage newspaper to it.
Once the paper is stuck down you can and glue dry you can draw into and over it with black pen and paint it adding splashes of colour throughout. 

This piece will be done in Monday's double, and Thursday & Fridays class. The deadline for this project is Friday 13th Oct class 1. (you will have this class to finish it)


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