Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Homework & Project Deadlines: All ART year groups

Tuesday 10th Oct.

1st Year - NEW taster group starting this week.

Homework: Please choose one of the following topics: Halloween or Nature.
Everyone needs to have reserach and pictures with them for Wednesdays class so we can start the new project. For your tasters you will be given white paper, but you must bring a pencil, rubber, scissors, pritstick and a set of colouring pencils to the classes.

2nd Year: The deadline for the two collage newspaper artworks is this Friday - I will collect both at the end of the class on Friday morning - one piece should be done with newspaper & black pen only and the second image should be created using newspaper, black pen with colour added to selected areas.  This piece will be graded.

3rd Year: We are now into week 2 of the Junior Cert art project (75%) - Everyone has recieved the exam paper, chosen their theme & we have gone through the marking scheme - For Wed, as I mentioned in Mondays art class I want to see that everyone has made a start on some artworks for the prep sheet which is due in on 25th Oct. This sheet needs to be fully finished by 25th - decorated, laid out & stuck onto A2 sheet of card. There will be NO extensions given on any project work or deadlines for the JC art exam.
REMINDER: If you miss any of the art classes it is important that you catch up - this is your own responsibility so that you do not miss deadlines or fall behind - also please do not leave art folders with project work left unattended around the school - please bring home in evening time or inform me that you are leaving your art folder in the art room.
It is important that everyone is organized and prepared for each art class during the course of this project. Bring your art folder/art pad, materials and all equipment you need to every art class.

T.Y - Anyone involved in Junk Kouture please bring in your design sheet & any materials that you have started to collect so far - it is important that you get started on making it this week.  I will have a NEW project ready to start with the rest of the TY group.

5th Year- As you missed Tuesdays class after being away at the road safety showcase in Letterkenny, you will have a lot of work to do in Wed's double art class. Please bring in some more primary sources, photographs etc so that you can continue to develop your workbook - at this stage you have 4 weeks left of the first part of the project so you should have your initial research sheet almost finished and be working on development sheet 1 for the still life section A.

Leaving Cert. Art:  Anyone missed Mondays art history class where we started the Gothic period of E.U art please catch up on any notes missed - we will continue with this section next Monday.  From Tuesday on you are starting a 5 week project for section B (craft) of the LC exam workbook - you will have to complete the initial reserach sheet, dev. sheet 1 & 2 as well as a finished craft piece. Please bring in any primary sources or photographs that you have taken yourself for this project to class this week. It is vital that you manage your time correctly and wisely in order to complete this project on time -  I will grade this as part of your mock exam - and in Jan we start the official work book & LC project.

REMINDER: Can everyone please remember not to leave art folders & art pads in school in the evenings or weekends please, you should be bringing them home with you - any artpads left unattended will be moved.

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