Friday, 2 December 2016

1st, 2nd & 5th Year Christmas Exam's 2016 - DATES & REMINDERS

Friday 2nd Dec.

First Year Group:

Christmas Exam date: Thursday 8th of Dec. -  class 5 & 6 (12.05 - 1.20)
Reminder: You will be supplied with an A2 sheet of white paper at the start of the exam but you need to bring your own colouring pencils, pencils, rubber, ruler & any art equipment you need for your typography exam, as well as ONE printed out picture.

At the end of the exam please remember to write your name neatly, 1st year Christmas exam & the date thursday 8th Dec on the BACK of your artwork sheet. Good luck everyone. :)

Second Year Group:

Christmas Exam date: Thursday 8th Dec. class 4, 5 & 6 (11.30 - 1.20)
Reminder:   You will all be given a sheet of A3 paper before your exam commences, please write your name, the title of your piece, the date (8th Dec) and 2nd year art on the BACK of the sheet. Please be organized and bring your colouring pencils, pens and any rt equipment & materials you will need to complete your exam.  You will all be given BOTH handout's at the start of the exam but you just complete the one that you chose.  Please complete a background and finish your work to a high standard, as you were given this project brief in advance.  Good luck everyone. :)

Fifth Year Group:

Christmas Exam date: Monday 12th Dec. class 4, 5 & 6th
Reminder: The exam on the 12th is your art history exam.  As explained the exam I set will be based on a previous exam paper question that you have alreay completed, 2006 or 2014, HL, Irish Section Q.1. - art history is worth 50%

The still life project will make up the rest of the marks 50% and it needs to be given up to me before the art history examination. Good luck :)


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