Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Junior Cert art group - EXAM REMINDER'S

Wed 30th Nov.

Just a reminder that your prep sheet & final piece make up 80% of your Christmas exam & the remaining 20% counts for your 2 drawing exam's that you do in the hall on Friday 2nd Dec @ 11.30 - 1.20.

  • The teacher's supervising the exam will supply you with 2 sheets of A3 paper before the exam start's, write your name, date & 3rd year art on the back of your two sheets - 
  • Be organized and bring your art material & drawing pencils, rubber, rulers, colouring pencils etc with you to the exam.  
  • I mentioned to you a few week's ago and again recently that your drawing exam on Friday will be based on portraiture - facial features on one A3 sheet and a portrait drawing of Simon Cowell on the second A3 sheet (I gave out some practice handout's in class yesterday but for anyone who missed this class I have added it below:)
  • Anyone who missed class time because of the musical the PREP and FINAL piece began on 4th of Oct - so there is absolutely NO excuse for not having these two piece's in on Friday - the ARTIST (support studies) will be collected on 10th DEC.  

  • As discussed in class on Tuesday everyone must bring their prep work (put inside a folder or polly pocket with your name on front & seal it) and also hand up your final piece on Friday, at the end of the exam I will go around the hall collecting this work - DO NOT write your name on your PREP or FINAL piece Junior Cert art exam artwork, but DO write your name on your 2 portrait drawing sheet's. Is it really important that your exam art work is completely anonymous, we will be sticking your exam numbers on the folders in April when the project is finished.

  • Please remember how important it is to stick to the deadline's I assign for each part of the project - after Christmas the following project work needs to be finished: 3D Prep sheet, 3D final piece, BookCraft prep sheet, Bookcraft, Support Studies for both the 3D & Bookcraft pieces..... All this work HAS to be complete by April, as you have your portrait and still life drawing at the start of May, so before that you need 2-3 weeks of class time to prepare and practice. 

  • Everyone is doing really well so far, but stay focused and keep the standard up and most importantly hand all work in on time!!!!!


(anyone who missed the class on Tuesday BELOW is the handout I have the class to practice for Friday's exam)

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