Monday, 12 December 2016

Junior Cert Art Group - REMINDER

Monday 12th Dec.

Deadline for support studies (on A2 sheet of card) is Tuesday 13th Dec - I will be taking up your finished support studies (artist) sheet at the start of Tuesday's class.

What to include:

  • You must have a small paragraph explaining why you chose the artist you did for your support studies.
  • Some background info. on your chosen artist - about them, their work, their past, what they create/ make etc... type this up - check for spelling & grammar mistakes & amend before you stick anything on to the sheet
  • At least 4 (in colour) pic's of the artist work, with title.
  • A replica of one or two pieces of the artists work (your own version) stuck on to the sheet also.

After that is handed in we will focus on the 3D prep and plan the 3D final pieces ( 3D prep to be half done before Christmas break on 23rd Dec)

  • There is a parent teacher meeting for 3rd & 6th year students on Tuesday 13th Dec 

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