Wednesday, 2 September 2015

3rd year Art

Wed. 3rd Sept.

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a lovely summer, are well rested and ready for some hard work & creativity this year!  This year is an extremely important year for you all so I wish you the best of luck & success for the year ahead.  As I mentioned today last year I saw a great improvement in your work - how you put the project work today, experiemented with new techniques & designs  - improvements in your drawing, painting, 3D, clay work as well as your still life & portrait drawing skills and I have no doubt that this year your work can become even better and can reach a higher standard.  However, it is very important that you all start the year off on a positive note, are prepared for each art class, bring your work and homework in & work hard.

As discussed today in class it is very important that everyone brings the following equipment to class with them on Thursday 4th Sept. for the Double Art class:
  • A2 sketch pad ( no need to buy a new one if there are still pages left from last years art pad)
  • Drawing pencils - 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B (you will have these from last year)
  • Set of colouring pencils
  • A2 clear art folder
  • Rubber, Ruler, sharpener etc....

On Thursday's double class I will go through some of the Junior Cert Art projects from 2014/15 Junior Cert. & we will have a group discussion on each project, the artwork, themes, marking schemes and general 'what works' and 'what didn't work'.  I will photograph some of the Best projects & add them to the 'Junior Cert. Projects' file on this blog for you to refer back to when you start your own project in October.
  If we have time in the second part of the class we will start working on some drawing exercises so please do not forget your sketch pads and drawing equipment. 

As I explained to you all today, you do not receive your Junior Cert art project & the list themes until the start of October (this project is 75% of your overall art exam) and this part of the project finishes in April.  The work is labelled 1-9 & placed into the grey envelopes that you saw today.  Then you have two drawing exams in MAY - A portrait drawing exam & a Still life drawing exam which make up 25% of your overall Junior Cert art exam. 
  In the meantime, until we receive your Junior Cert Art project we will focusing on DRAWING - techniques and ways in which we can improve & develop your still life & portrait drawings.  As I mentioned today, last year I saw a fantastic improvement in your drawing skills and I have confidence that this has be improved even further.

I also asked today that anyone who has any made artwork or creations during the summer break to bring these into me as I would love to see them.

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