Tuesday, 1 September 2015

First Year Art

Tuesday 1st Sept.

It was really nice to meet you all today, I hope that you enjoyed your first class in the Art room and I hope that you are looking forward to our new project over the coming weeks.

As you will only be trying out this subject for the next few weeks there is NO need to buy art supplies but you WILL need the following items for each class (which you will also need for some other subjects too) :
  • Pencils
  • Set of colouring pencils
  • Please DO NOT buy an art pad unless you have already decided that you DEFINITELY want to choose Art.


Finish your selfie self-portrait that you started today - don't forget to design and colour the phone cover & fill it with your favourite things.... I look forward to seeing these finished for Thursdays class.  I want to see lots of colour and creativity.

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