Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Summer Exams 2018 - Information for 1st & 5th Year Art groups

Wed 2nd May.


1st Year:
For your Summer Examination you will do a drawing examination which starts on Wednesday 9th of May and you have until Wed. 16th of May to complete.
Please create a poster/final piece based on ONE of the following themes below, which you need to hand in on Wed. 16th May.
You must research the themes carefully before selecting your image for your final piece and starting.

1) Sea Life
2) Summer
3) Dreams
4) Anti Bullying poster

This counts as 50% of your art exam result.

On the day of your exam, in the exam hall, you will do a drawing design examination where you will be given a handout on the day of the exam with instructions.

5th Year:
As I previously mentioned to you in class, for your Summer art examinatoin I am going to mark your most recent DIY craft group project as 50% of your exam and the rest will be made up of an art history examination focused on the bronze age in the Irish art section.  Art history makes up 50% also.

SECOND YEAR ART:  I will post information for 2nd year art group separately.

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