Wednesday, 9 May 2018

5th Year Art history homework - for Monday 14th May

Wed. 9th May.

Fifth years to complete the following exam paper question in your hardback copies for Monday.

Also just a reminder that anyone (there are a few!) who has not handed up their essay on Jack. B Yeats or bronze age revision worksheet needs to be handed in on Thursday's class. Both were due in last week.

2014 - Q. 2 HL

Gold-working techniques developed during the Bronze Age in Ireland allowed for the production of beautifully crafted artefacts.

Discuss this statement with reference to the two examples illustrated on the accompanying sheet. In your answer name both types of artefact and refer to form, function, and the techniques used in their production and decoration.

and Briefly discuss what you know about the Bronze Age people in Ireland.

Illustrate your answer. 

Object 1): Lunula

Object 2) Gleninsheen Gorget

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