Monday, 8 January 2018

Leaving Cert. Course work 2018 - Examination

Monday 8th Jan.

Coursework 2018:

Instructions Introductions:

1. Select one of the themes below and base your coursework on this theme:

A.   Connected
B.   Nostalgia
C.   Symphony.

2. You may consider using the support material suggested under each of the themes below. This support material indicates possible areas of investigation within the theme that you might find interesting. However, these are suggestions only and there are many other equally valid approaches that you could take.

3. Choose your own approach and produce your own work in response to your chosen theme.

You must follow the prescribed structure of the Coursework Workbook: 

1. The Initial Research Sheet ‐ research for all of your coursework.
 • Research and investigate your chosen theme, this investigation will show you possibilities     and routes that you might take with your coursework.

2. Development Sheets 1 & 2 for Section A and Section B.
 •From your research and investigation, develop ideas using your chosen primary source(s).
• Expand and test these ideas using a variety of means: visual, annotated, mixed media, photographic etc.
 • When you are satisfied that your investigation and development has led to feasible proposals for Sections A and B, sketch your proposals on the relevant Development  
Sheet 2 (A or B) and proceed to make both of your realised works.

• You must use primary source material based on your chosen theme.
• You should work directly on to your Coursework Workbook using both sides of your research and development sheets. 
 • You should discuss your ideas with your Art teacher as your coursework progresses. However, all work submitted should be your own unaided work.
 • Select coursework that can be completed within the supervised time allowed, using the materials and equipment available in the school.
 • Investigation and development can include recording material from source/s such as objects, people and landscapes. Conceptual sources which are based on ideas and imagination are also allowed. You may also use a combination of sources. Irrespective of the sources that you investigate, you must use the material that you generate from this investigation to develop your own original work.

For tomorrow's double art class: Please bring in some objects, research, ideas, brainstorms, inspirational artists work etc so we can get started & discuss your chosen themes.  I will hopefully have the exam papers & workbooks for tomorrow to give out to you.

Friday 23rd March. (the Friday before Easter Break)

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