Monday, 8 January 2018

2nd Year - NEW 3D project.

Monday 8th Dec.

Today we started our NEW 3D piece project.

We will start with the 3D prep sheet which is due in on 25th Jan.  This should include 7-8 drawings and designs including colour studies, samples of materials, fabrics etc to show what you are planning on making for your 3D final piece.

After the 3D prep sheet is submitted you will start making the final piece.  It is your own decision as to what materials you want to make your final piece from, whether it be clay, wire, cardboard, fabrics, or a combination of a few together.  You will have 3 weeks to complete your 3D final piece.

Both the prep sheet and final piece will be given a grade which be part of your final Easter grade and report.

Please bring in your art pad & equipment for the next art class if you forgot it today.

Themes: (choose one)

  1. Wildlife
  2. Connected
  3. Music

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