Thursday, 19 October 2017

5th Year 10 week project REMINDERS

Thurs 19th Oct.

Deadline for part A (still life section) of your workbook is in two weeks - you have now used up 3 weeks so everyone needs to manage their time carefully to ensure you complete the initial research sheet, dev. sheet 1 and dev. sheet 2 before Thursday 9th Nov.

Excellent work so far, my only concern is that you are not managing the time coreclty with a lot of you still working on the initial research sheet three weeks into the project. You must show a range of ideas for your theme for both A & B on the initial research sheet - so that is for both the still life and the craft (poster) on the initial research.
Show more detail, development and experimentation on your development sheet 1... you can also stick in photos, materials, papers etc... (use prick stick or correct glues when sticking down)
Development sheet 2 should show more decision making eg: what objects you've decided to do for final still life piece, show rough draft of layout of final still life, color studies, ideas & experiments.
Please write more notes around the sketchbook also so examiner can understand what your idea is, what you have tried out experiment wise and why etc....

Once your complete the first 5 weeks project (workbook part A & still life final piece) you will move straight into dev sheet 1 and 2 of part B of the workbook and do your final piece too.

 The deadline for the project is Thurs 14th Dec - This ten week project will be worth 80% if your Christmas exam and 20% will be your art history exam which takes place in the hall with the other exams.

Please use your time in between each art class to develop ideas, plan and experiment, you should not take a break in between the art classes just because you do not have your workbook home with you.  Use a rough sheet to try ideas out etc. Take photographs outside of school time also that you can stick into dev sheet 1 of the workbook.

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