Thursday, 19 October 2017

2nd Year - NEW PROJECT & Homework

Thurs 19th Oct.

Today we started a new project which concentrates on still life observation.  I asked you all to rule out 6 box's on A3 white paper and label each box with - pencil, pen, paint, collage, fabric, last box is your choice....  The task is that you zoom in and concentrate on close up sections of your chosen object and FILL each box using a different medium and technique.

Homework: This is an on going project which you should work on in class & for homework until the deadline on Friday 27th Oct. If you have finished the first box please move onto the next box and so on.....

Some examples:

Close up of a key using pencil only - here the artist has turned the object around and zoomed in on different angles & sections of the key. Lovely shading & light and dark in this sketch as well as DETAIL.

Some nice close up sections of fruit where the artist uses colour, paint, pen and pencil. Great level of detail in each section and I love how the artist FILLS each box and there is no white space left around it. 

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