Monday, 8 May 2017

5th year summer project - 50% of art examination

Monday 8th May.

As I mentioned today in class, as part of your summer exam I will be grading practical work as 50% of your exam and then the art history exam will take place in the school gym is worth 50% also.  Your art history exam will be a past Leaving Cert. exam paper on either the stone age or bronze age.


Choose one of the following themes and design and create either a still life or a poster - on A2 size paper, using any medium of your choice.  Your poster or still life idea should represent and reflect your chosen theme, be creative, unique and detailed.  If you choose to do a poster you must include the full title of the theme on yous poster.

START DATE: Tuesday 9th of May
DEADLINE: Tuesday 23rd May

Themes - Choose one to base your project on- 

  1. Carnival
  2. Ancient Cultures
  3. Summer in Ireland
  4. Success

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