Tuesday, 9 May 2017

3rd Year - Drawing Exams - Wed 10th May - REMINDERS

Tuesday 9th May. '17

ART EXAM REMINDERS - For your drawing exams on Wednesday 10th of May '17

Everyone who missed today's double art class due to the rugby and bake sale in school event's, below are a couple of reminder's as to the outline of tomorrows drawing exams.  Please do not forget your still life object's, drawing materials, correct drawing pencils & equipment for tomorrow's exam.  The exam supervisor will give you all A2 white sheets of paper but if you decide to bring your own please get the supervisor to sign & date etc on the back of the sheet.

ROOM: Both exams will take place in Room 7 -  the art room 


Still life drawing:  9.30 - 10.30 ( As I said last week, please come early to set up, come down at 9am as I will have the room open then for you to set up) - Please do not forget to bring your object from the list.

Life sketching: 11.00 - 12.30

  • The supervisor will give you two sheets of A2 white paper to work on.  
  • You need to put your examination number plus the two stickers you left in your grey envelopes onto both drawing sheets.
  • At end place both sheets into your grey envelopes at the bottom.  
  • The envelopes will then be sealed for examination.  Please ensure all work is INSIDE the folder before you do this & that the supervisor sees it.
  • Please ensure you keep an eye on the time & do not use paint for the second exam 11-12.30 as the paint will still not be dry at this stage & all exam work must go into the grey envelopes at 12.30.  Just be careful to take into consideration DRYING TIME.

You will go back to class after the exam once you have cleaned up & lunch will be as normal 1.20.  


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