Monday, 24 April 2017

Monday 24th of April.

Welcome back!
On Wednesday the 6 people who have to finish their painting project will spend this class finishing them off & the rest of you will start this new project.

The theme is NATURE.  For Wednesday you have to research this theme & bring an image into class so that you can get started. Bring a pair of scissors & a prit stick also to stick down the card.  I will give you the A3 white paper & the coloured card which you will cut into strips and curl according to the size you need to create your piece.

It is very important that everyone has their art pad & folder with them on Wednesday. Be organized and prepared for this new project.  You will have two weeks - so the deadline is Friday 5th of May - this is a continuous project so you will be expected to work on it for homework & on days which you do not have art (Tuesday & Thursday.)


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