Wednesday, 5 April 2017

3rd year art students - Easter Revision work

Wed 5th April:

I will be giving some students back work to fix and improve over the Easter midterm - this must be returned on the first day of school after the break to the art room - Everyone should have everything up as far as the Book-craft final piece complete for return to school on Monday 24th of April

Everyone has now received (on Monday 3rd April) the drawing exam papers - these exams take place on Wed 10th May 9.30  - 10.30 is the Still life exam AND then from 11.00 - 12.30 is the portrait (life sketching) examination.

It is VITAL that during the Easter midterm break everyone chooses which still life object they want to do for the exam and practice drawing this - I have some photos of the two TY students who are modelling for your art exam on the blog (from the mocks- same images) you should practise drawing them from these during the break also.

When you return on Monday 24th we will be focusing on portraiture & getting the TY students into the art room to model for you to draw & also practicing the still life object drawing.  Everyone MUST have caught up on all project work before Friday 28th April which is the official project deadline.

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