Tuesday, 8 November 2016

T.Y Upcoming project - REMINDERS for Thursday 10th Nov.

Tues 8th Nov.

Could those student's working on props. backdrop's etc for the school musical continue with this work. Excellent work being done so far, well done.

I spoke to those of you who were there on the last Thursday before the midterm break about having a festive themed stand for the annual Christmas market & we spoke about some idea's we could do & narrowed it down to:

1) Card making - group assigned were to research ideas for this, who will be working on that.
2) D.I.Y table decor idea - We discussed making festive themed decorated wine bottles: I asked you all to bring in some leftover bottles & jam jars for this project - I will bring some in too.  I have ordered some new art supplies which I am waiting on to arrive which can be used for these projects, ribbons, materials, fabrics, pearls and card.
3) ? (idea 3 to be decided - we will discuss this on thursday)

You will be put into TEAMS & each team will create a set number of items to sell, as well as discussing prices, display ideas, packaging etc.

Could everyone please bring what they need into class with them on Thursday so that we can get started on this new project.  Almost all of the musical props & backdrops are painted and ready.  I have a painting activity lined to do in the double if we do not have all people involved present (I realize there are musical rehersals this week - please inform me IN ADVANCE if you are going to be in the hall doing rehersals or helping with props etc)


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