Tuesday, 8 November 2016

5th Year Art

Tues 8th Nov.

As discussed in class on Monday could everyone please remember to bring in your object's for your still life final pieces which, as well as any background fabrics etc that you would like to use.
You will be starting your final pieces on Wed. so you all need to have researched ideas for background, foreground, layout and how you will create your final piece in advance of Wed.'s class. Planning and preparation is key.  You will be given a new sheet of A2 size paper on Wed. to start your final piece then, which will be done ONLY in the art classes, which is the same way it would be for your art exam.  For homework, in between these classes, you will have to continue resraching and practicing background ideas, how to achieve detail & other techniques you want to use in your final piece.

  • I also asked everyone to take photo's on your objects in different layouts (so examiner can see you considered different layout ideas, angles and perspectives ) bring the photos in with you on Wed. too.

  • You should now all be finished your workbook - component A and component B which I want you to staple together like a booklet and hand up to me to be marked.

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