Monday, 28 November 2016

2nd Year Project options...

Monday 28th Nov.

This Wed, & Thursday you will finish painting your sunset silhoutte artwork, well done so far they are looking fantastic.  Anyone who missed time because of the musical, as I mentioned in class today, for Wed. you will need need to have the image you choose drawn out on A2 paper and be ready to paint in the black areas on Wed's class, you can also start the smaller, more detailed parts with black marker, pen or black colouring pencil before wed, this will mean you would have to spend less time painting.

We finish the silhoutte sunset painting on Friday then we start a new project.  See below 2 ideas you can choose from, we will talk about it on Wed. and then I will go with majority's vote.

OPTION 1: Christmas Craft Decor 

Have a look at some of the Christmas craft ideas, you will choose from the images which project you would like to do, then on Monday bring in what I ask to you bring, and we start it then, we will probably need to spend 2 weeks on this.

Here are some idea's:   Canvas project: You will all be given a canvas each A3 size and asked to plan in advance & practice on paper first the image you decided to choose. 

Here are some ideas.... but you can choose your own by researching ideas yourself

OPTION 2 FOR CHRISTMAS CRAFT PROJECT: OLD BOTTLES TURNED INTO CHRISTMAS TABLE DECOR PIECES... ...... Everyone will need to bring in an old wine bottle, bottle, (remove label by soaking in hot water with fairy liquid first) then you can use the spray paints I have for this project to spray the bottle, then using ribbons, pearls, buttons & materials you can add decor to it when its dry, and add in flowers or spray painted brances to play inside them... you can choose the style/idea you would like to do, but here are some examples below to inspire you:

Option 3: Christmas themed twig art:
For this project you will need to collect twigs, I will give you the glues, masking tape & materials you need for it.  You could also combine pebbles & twigs as another option - I have included some examples at the start below (you can find these at beach/locally to collect for your project)

Here are a few decoration options:

Collect pebbles & stones in the shape you are looking for - need to use super glue to glue them onto board or canvas so they stick properly - a nice Christmas gift idea...

You could make a Christmas Tree instead

candle holders? Gift ideas for Christmas


Tree decorations - make using twigs & wrap with material & wool 

More frame ideas... 

Canvas art idea using twigs & fairy lights, background painted first, you can choose the colour & glue twigs on top and add the lights in behind.

Pebble and twigs art - use super glue to stick on so they don't fall off!

Use twigs to make reindeers & glue onto large block of wood, then paint... decorate also if you like, any colour you prefer

DIY lamp shades using twigs - use old lamp stands from charity shops/thrift stores and use glue gun to attach twigs, all cut to correct size & shape - something a bit different... could add colour, spray paint or add fairy lights to it too...

Christmas tree decor idea, use ribbon to hang, glue  twigs together, attach any materials at end..

More christmas tree decor ideas, use masking tape to hold them in place, then glue it together while its in place, remove the masking tape, add ribbons & decor to it at the end.... or snow spray...

PROJECT OPTION 2:  Advanced Collage Art Project:

For this project you will research you own idea and image, you collect and bring in newspaper, materials and magazines & cut up, then after you have sketched your image onto the A2 sheet, (using prit stick,) you place your material's. papers etc where you want them on your picture, you can use any material's you think that would suit your idea and any suitable colour scheme.  Detail is important...  See some examples below:


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