Monday, 9 May 2016

Leaving Cert Practical Exams - Reminders

Leaving Cert. Art Exams - REMINDERS

Monday 9th May - Drawing Exams  - in the art room starting at 9.30 (break at 12.00) and back until 1.20.
Please make sure you bring your still life objects, equipment & materials to the exam and be there at 9.10 to set up and get prepared.  Bring a bottle of water as the weather is to be very warm this week.
Keep an eye on the clock, remember you only have limited time to complete your work so it is VITAL that you pace yourself and remember your timing.

Wed. 11th May - Craftwork Exam - 9.30 - 3.45
Dont forget to bring in your finished research sheet and any other sheets you need for the exam which the superintendent will sign and date in advance of the exam.  Be in the art room at 9.00 to set up your desk area, get paints out & all of the equipment you will need for the exam.  I recommend you work from 9.30 - 2.45 on your final poster  (90marks) & then from 2.45 - 3.45 on your development sheet (10marks).  It is very important again that you pace yourself, take your time but be conscious of the time restraints and are not rushing your work towards the end.  We went through all of this on Saturday.  I will speak to you on Mon & Tues re. this exam and any questions you might have you can ask me then,

GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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