Wednesday, 11 May 2016

2016 Summer Exams - 2nd Year Art

2nd Year:

I am giving you the project brief in advance of the exam so you can research your theme, design and create your design mood board before the exam.  You will need to bring your finished mood board with you on the day of your exam to hand up at the end along with your finished design piece (on A3 paper which will be provided)



Choose a theme from the list below & design a unique, creative & colourful SHOE fitting your chosen theme. 
Your design should reflect the topic, be creative, inventive yet wearable.  (ie: it must be designed around a foot shape!)
You must submit an A2 DESIGN MOOD BOARD showing the inspirations behind your design which should be made up of drawings, sketches as well as colour studies, fabrics, textures, materials, shoe shape research & you can also cut out & stick down any inspiring shoe designers work (in colour please) or images from the internet, books, magazines, photographs which reflect your idea & design. 
You must bring this design sheet to your exam and submit it along with your final design at the end of the exam.  (Attach to final piece & make sure your name is on both sheets) Please complete your final design drawing on A3 size paper.

Below I have attached some examples of interesting and unusual shoe designs as well as examples of shoe design mood boards.

Themes: (choose 1)

·         Surrealism

·         Alice in Wonderland

·         Game of thrones

·         Safari

·         The Ocean




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