Monday, 1 February 2016

Leaving Cert - Homework & Revision Tips for Mocks

Mon 1st Feb.

HOMEWORK REMINDER: Bring in your 2007 exam paper Q. on page 123 (which was due in today) on Wed 3rd Feb, as well as the new question I gave out in class today- page 132, 2006 Q.20 ---BOTH due in this Thursday.

On Thursdays class Alison will be in modelling for us so please bring all drawing materials & sketchpads for this.  The full double class will be spent life sketching.

I will also collect all the research sheets this Thursday 4th Feb. so please do not forget these as I had mentioned a few weeks ago I will NOT be accepting them after this deadline.

Here are the Art history revision TIPs that we talked about today in class:



Irish art Section

·      Pre Christian & bronze age, usually Q1 or 2 of the paper, where there are 3-4 pics on an accompanying sheet and you have to name them and describe them under – form, function, decoration, production & materials used to make them…Need to be able to recognize & discuss the pics eg: Gorget, torc, lunlae etc….

·      Tara Brooch & Ardagh chalice (sometimes appears on as pics on an accompanying sheet

·      Newgrange

·      Jack B Yeats was also on 2011 paper.












E.U art Section

· Need to know Romanesque & Gothic period extremely well, it is always Q.1 of the E.U art section of the paper.


Romanesque Period:

What to know:

1)      The Characteristics of a Typical Romanesque Church

2)      A Romanesque Church: St. Mary Magdalene of Vezelay in France (need to be able to draw it)

3)      Romanesque Sculptures: Tympanum of the Pentecost which in the church St mary Magdalene of Vezelay & 2nd sculpture is in the Church St Lazare at Autun and is called the weighing of souls & another is the last judgement.


Gothic Period:

What to know:

1)      A Gothic cathedral: Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, and the Chartres Cathedral in France also.

2)      Gothic sculptures: The Royal portal in Chartres cathedral and the north portal

     3)   Stained glass

Appreciation of Art Section:

Art Gallery Question always comes up – need to be able to discuss an exhibition you have visited (jack B Yeats exhibition in the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin & 2 of his works: The liffey swin & for the Road, or Grief).  Be able to draw them all.  Be able to draw a plan of the Art gallery.

Need to be able to give own opinion. The question could be asked in any way so need to go through the exam paper handout I gave you on Art gallery past exam paper Question so you can see the different ways this Question can be asked.




· At the start of the exam spend 5minutes going through the Irish section, circle the question you want to answer, Do the same for the E.U section & the Art appreciation section (art gallery Q)

· Once you have the Q’s you want to answer circled, read through each Q. you have chosen from the Irish art section, highlight or underline the KEY things that you are being asked to write about, then straight away write out key words in bullet point form at the side of the exam paper beside the Q. while they are fresh in your memory.  Do the Same for the E.U question and the Art appreciation section.

· You are expected to write at least 2 and a half pages at hons level & remember drawings are 10 marks so do not forget to do them, they should be at the end of your answer, very clear & labeled.

· This art history paper is 150marks, 50 marks per section, Irish section, E.U section & Art appreciation section which is 37.5% of the overall Art examination!

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