Tuesday, 3 November 2015

2nd Year homework

Tues 3rd Nov.

As the art supplies didn't arrive yesterday & we are still waiting on them we wont be able to start on the 3D pieces until this Thursday.... everyone needs to complete all of their Prep sheet work before this Friday (most seem to have this finished which is great, well done).
I will be collecting these on Friday.  Anyone away at the match on Thursday I will check this homework on Friday.

Please complete the following STILL life drawing into your sketchpad using a mixture of pencil/shading and colour, be as creative as you like with your background & foregrounds....
Paying attention to composition, shading, size & shape, colour & DETAIL in the work...
This has to be complete for Thursdays class.

You choose which areas to add colour & to add pencil/shading to the image.

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