Monday, 23 February 2015

Leaving Cert STILL LIFE EXAM on Tues 24th Feb.

Date & Time: Tuesday 24th Feb
Time: 9.30 - 12.00 - ( Please ensure you have all of the 4-5 objects that you need with you, bring the art paper with you also & all art materials needed & take note of what question and paragraph number you have chosen (A, B, C or D as this info. will need to be )

Location: Art room R.7
Duration: 2.5 hours
Total marks: 100


You may work in colour, monochrome, mixed media, collage or any other suitable medium.  However, the use of oil paints and perishable organic material is not allowed. You are not allowed to bring aids such as stencils, templates, traced images, preparatory artwork or photographic images into the examination.

Write your name, school, level clearly on your work.
Write the title - Still life immediately below your name and which paragraph you have chosen..
If you wish to work on a coloured sheet, the superintendent must sign this sheet before the exam commences stating that it is blank.  Max size of sheet is A2.

Question: STILL LIFE
Q.2 - Make a STILL LIFE work based on a group of objects suggested by, or described in ONE of the descriptive passages, A, B, C or D.  You are required to bring relevant objects to the examination centre for the purpose of setting up your own individual still life composition. This must be done in time for the commencement of the examination. Your starting point and the rationale for your Still Life should be stated clearly on the reverse side of the sheet indicating their relevance to the descriptive passage you have chosen.

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