Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Musical - ~Artwork/ Props

What has to be done:
  • The large castle Oak door
  • The two large paintings for either side of stage curtain
  • Yellow brick road
  • Banner for the stage/curtain
  • Additional props.
We received the two large boards today - these are now at the back of the art room - TY will be away Wed., at a gaelic match on Thursday and all day Friday they will be in rehearsals. I have been told these have to be ready for Friday - to go out on to the roundabouts...... As TY will be away, fifth years will have to chip in and take over. My fifth year group as well as possible a few other helpers will have to start tomorrow - all day & all day Thursday also.  I will put up a note in staffroom and talk to teachers about this. There are THREE of these large boards!!! All hands on deck!!

Thank you to all students who have helped out so far, especially the TY & 5th year students for all of their hard work!

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