Tuesday, 27 January 2015

LEAVING CERT. MOCKS - Project work


Honours Level:
Total marks: 100
Date & Time: Thursday 26th Feb. - 9.30 - 3.45pm (lunch breaks included)

Design and make a poster OR a display card for ONE of the following topics:

a) The Antique Market
b) National Swimming Championships 2015
c) Hair and Beauty Show.

The FULL TITLE of your chosen topic MUST appear on your finished work. Personalised hand- constructed and rendered lettering is preferred and should reflect your topic. You may use an alphabet stencil which you have cut but the layout and spacing of lettering must be done during the examination.  Stencils, where used, must be submitted.

The superintendent must sign all sheets before exam commences.

Reminders & notes:

Research sheet must be brought to the examination with you.
This exam takes place in the ART ROOM & will start at 9.30 so please arrive at 9.00 to get your desk area set up and materials paints etc ready.  You will be finished at 3.45 - Lunch break as normal. Please come prepared and practise as much as possible in advance of this exam.

Supervisor will give you a sheet of white paper to do your Development sheet on - this is worth 10marks so I recommend you only dedicate 1.5hours to this.
 The final poster is worth 90marks so the majority of your time should be spent on this - please bring in any prepared backgrounds with you on the day for the supervisor to date, stamp & sign.


Mock Date & Time: Friday 6th Feb. - Art Room - Class 7 & 8
Honours Level:
Total marks: 50
Duration: 1hour

The following props are needed for the models:
 - A long scarf
- A school bag
-A chair

POSE 1 - 15min pose

The model should be in a relaxed standing position (must be of complete figure)
- feet slightly apart
- weight resting on left leg
- scarf around the neck
- right hand holding he two sides of the scarf together at the chest level.
- let arm resting loose by the left hip
- head turned to the right

POSE 2 - 30min pose

The model should be seated on a chair with his/her... ( head & shoulders )
- feet together, raised and resting on the schoolbag underfoot
- body leaning forward with both elbows resting on the knees
- palms of hands supporting each side of the face
- wrists close together
- head facing forward



Date & Time: Tuesday 24th Feb
Time: 9.30 - 12.00 - ( Please ensure you have all of the 4-5 objects that you need with you, art materials needed & take note of what question and paragraph number you have chosen (A, B, C or D as this info. will need to be )
Duration: 2.5 hours
Total marks: 100


You may work in colour, monochrome, mixed media, collage or any other suitable medium.  However, the use of oil paints and perishable organic material is not allowed. You are not allowed to bring aids such as stencils, templates, traced images, preparatory artwork or photographic images into the examination.

Write your name, school, level clearly on your work.
Write the title - Still life immediately below your name and which paragraph you have chosen..
If you wish to work on a coloured sheet, the superintendent must sign this sheet before the exam commences stating that it is blank.  Max size of sheet is A2.

Question: STILL LIFE
Q.2 - Make a STILL LIFE work based on a group of objects suggested by, or described in ONE of the descriptive passages, A, B, C or D.  You are required to bring relevant objects to the examination centre for the purpose of setting up your own individual still life composition. This must be done in time for the commencement of the examination. Your starting point and the rationale for your Still Life should be stated clearly on the reverse side of the sheet indicating their relevance to the descriptive passage you have chosen.

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