Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Junior Cert 2014/15 project themes:

Junior Certificate 2015 page 2 of 8 Art, Craft, Design – Project
Ordinary and Higher Level


Choose one of the following themes for your project:

1. Words I like
2. From farm to fridge/fork
3. Selfies and self
4. Inside a machine
5. Great Masters inspire me
6. Poem: Old Footwear

Poem: Old Footwear
They looked good, at first, together,
tight laced and polished smart,
but wear and tear destroyed them:
A tale to break your heart!
Life is viewed down low,
paths and pavements,
rough and smooth,
hot, cold, wet, dry,
standing, dancing, playing,
wear, wear, wear.
They cannot speak,
for their tongues are torn,
yet leathery wrinkles convey
that treatment is rough
and times are tough,
being trod on, day after day.
Down at heel,
scuffed at toe
and moving
’mongst the low,
their soles both left their bodies
cause the stitches, all, did go.
Adapted from a poem by Robert Armitage

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