Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Reminders - Tues 30th Sept -

SECOND YEAR: Deadline for Final piece is Friday 3rd Oct - THIS Friday.

THIRD YEARS: Junior Cert projects should be arriving this week.

FIFTH YEARS: Deadline for the 3 pieces which consist of the 1) research sheet, 2) development sheet & 3) final piece is wed 8th Oct  & art history ESSAY deadline is Friday 10th Oct (don't forget to include sketches & it should be at least 2-3 pages)

LEAVNING CERT:  Deadline for research sheet is Wed 1st Oct - If you miss this deadline you will automatically fail, unless you have a note or are off sick.  Everyone has been given more than enough notice to have this ready so I wont accept work handed in late to me.
On Friday I will give you the next Art history essay to have done for Tues.... I will give this to you in class as well as post it on the blog for anyone missing along with the marking scheme & it will be from a past exam paper Question. The essays last week were an improvement but more effort is needed in the sketches (10marks) and detail....also please remember this is an ESSAY so is to be written in essay format - intro, main essay, conclusion & sketches on drawing paper (not lined copy book paper please).

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