Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Leaving Cert - 2015 Q. 1 - Iron Age

Wed. 11th Sept.

Leaving Cert. Art:

Please complete the following 2015 Q. 1 which is on the Iron Age for Monday.
I will take up your essays in this class to correct.  I have added notes on the Iron Age and Petrie Crown into this post just in case you can't find your notes.

On Friday's art history class we will continue with Gothic Period Art.

2015.  - Higher Level 

Q. 1)
The “Petrie Crown” illustrated on the accompanying sheet is an example of a remarkable change in style that took place during the Iron Age.   Discuss this statement referring to the function, form, and style of the Petrie Crown, and to the materials and techniques used in its production and decoration.  

Name and describe one example of decorative stone carving from this period. 
Illustrate your answer


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