Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Still life drawing exam - Junior Cert Group

3rd year art group:

Below are the list of objects to choose from for your mock art examination:
You must choose ONE object form either category A or B and bring it with you to your exam.

Still life drawing exam - 60mins
Life sketching exam - 90mins

Category A:

Animal bones or teeth
Half peeled organe
floret of brocolli
sliced kiwi fruit
log or firewood
bread roll
lettuce or spinach
twig with leaves

Category B:

swimming goggles
portable speaker
cup and saucer
toy animal
sports gloves
eye shadow and brushes
a gardening tool
an extension lead
a soap dispenser
a muddy shoe

For your mock exam you should have submitted the following project work:

1) Prep sheet 1
2) Final piece
3) Artist
4) 3D prep sheet
5) Final 3D piece

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