Thursday, 10 May 2018

Leaving Cert. Art history homework for Monday

Thurs 10th May.

Please complete the following exam paper question (HL) for Monday.

Anyone who did not yet hand in the 2014 Q.7 on Irish painter Roderic O Connor please hand in on Monday also.

Deadline: Monday 14th May class 1. 

IRISH ART: 2017. Q.1)

1. There are many documented Stone Age tombs in Ireland that reveal a wealth of information about the lives of the people who built them. Discuss this statement with reference to two named stone tombs that you have studied. In your answer refer to the structure, function and location of each of the examples you have chosen.

 and Briefly describe and discuss the motifs and stone working techniques used to decorate Stone Age tombs.

 Illustrate your answer.

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