Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Junior Cert. Art Class - DEADLINE REMINDERS

Tuesday 10th April '18.

As we approach the end of the practical project examination, below I have added in some reminders of deadlines which I had discussed with you all before Easter. Anyone who was behind with their project work was advised to use the Easter break to catch up.

At this stage everyone should have the following work complete:
  1. Prep. sheet for painting
  2. Final piece
  3. Support Studies
  4. 3D prep. sheet
  5. 3D final piece
  6. Bookcraft prep. sheet
  7. Bookcraft final - Currently working on
  8. Support studies (3D & Bookcraft artist) - to do before 27th April.
Everyone should now be working on their book-craft final piece as well as researching artists for the final support studies which I have shown you all examples of. 

Deadline Date's - Final reminders:

Bookcraft final piece: Friday 20th April

Support Studies: Friday 27th April.

After all of the work is submitted on 27th April, I will give you all of the grey envelopes and we will sort out the work in order of completion and add labels to each piece from 1-8.

All work must be complete for Friday 27th April.  After this,  we will start to practice life sketching & still life drawing for your drawing examinations which take place (date to be confirmed) from 3rd May - 13th May.  The drawing exam papers should arrive to the school in the next week.

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