Monday, 18 September 2017

Leaving Cert. Art History Homework

Monday 18th Sept.

Continuing with the Art Appreciation section & the art gallery questions please complete the following exam paper question for Monday 25th Sept.

  • Those who have not yet submitted the 2016 question please hand it in before Thursday.

2015 HL Question - Art Appreciation Section

Q.17) Exhibitions at local art galleries offer opportunities for art appreciation, education, and enjoyment. Discuss this statement with reference to an exhibition in a named local art gallery you have visited. In your answer describe how the exhibition was curated and refer to two specific works you found interesting. 
Briefly describe and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of viewing actual paintings and sculptures as opposed to viewing them on-line. 
Illustrate your answer. 

This essay must be complete for Monday 25th Sept.

  • Also a reminder that your initial research sheet deadline is this Wednesday 20th Sept - you have had since Tuesday 5th Sept to have this done.

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