Monday, 4 September 2017

5th year art - Homework & reminders

Monday 4th Sept.

Art materials & equipment needed for art class:

  1. A2 art pad
  2. A folder
  3. Drawing pencils 2b, 4b, 6b
  4. A set of acrylic paints
  5. Set of colouring pencils
  6. Paint brush set
  7. Drawing pens (black ink)
  8. Pritt stick & scissors
  9. A hardback copy for art history essays & notes
  10. An art history book
  11. A folder with clear sleeves for art history handouts

Art  history class will take place EVERY MONDAY class 7 so please ensure that you have your books, copies, folder and notes with you every Monday.


To start off we will begin with the mental health Ireland competition - the theme this year is 'Mind your mental health' - the deadline is 4th Dec.  The size is A4 and landscape. 
You must research the theme, come up with an idea & design and bring in images to get started in Tuesdays class. I will be sending entries in (no entry fee) but also grading them.

Please remember to have ALL of your art equipment with you to class & your art history work with you every Monday.
Be on time & organized.

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