Monday, 4 September 2017

2nd year homework & project information

Monday 4th Dec - 

In Monday's class we started the NEW project which you got on Friday. Everyone brought in their research, idea's and images for the new prep sheet project.
Your ideas and research are excellent so well done.  I don't see you again until Thursday first class so for then I want you to continue developing your work for the prep - everyone should have started their first piece so try to aim to get that developed and finished for Thursday's class, you can start the second one then if it's done before Thursday.  Remember to have a range of mediums in your work ie: a mixture of pencil and pen drawings, inks, colouring pencils, collages, materials & fabrics, painted work etc..... You have to complete 7-9 artworks for the prep sheet so plan out in advance what your plan is.

As there is a gap in between when I see you on Monday (double) to our next class on Thursday morning, please make sure that you continue with your project work working towards creating and making 7-9 pieces of artwork for the prep sheet for the deadline.

DEADLINE:  Thursday 28th of Sept. ( you will have that class to complete it also )

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