Thursday, 31 August 2017

1st Year Homework

Thurs 31st Sept.


Choose one of the following themes:
1) The Sea
2) City
3) Transport
4) Fashion
5) Animals

Research the themes, choose your favourite ONE then bring in FIVE pictures for Tuesdays art class - Either save the to your Ipad/tablet or print them out - you can also bring in postcards, photos or pics from books.

We will start the new project on Tuesday last class.  You will need to bring drawing pencils and colouring pencil set to this class please.

Also a reminder that I want you all to finish your STILL LIFE drawing of your object before Tuesdays class too please.  I will be checking this on Tuesday at the start of the class.

Please be organized & on time for each art class.  You must always record your art homework in your homework journal.

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