Thursday, 27 April 2017

Final deadline for submission of Junior Cert. Art project - REMINDER

Thursday 27th April-

The deadline I have set for Junior Cert. art examination is tomorrow Friday 29th of April - You have been given this deadline since Oct. and the OFFICIAL deadline for the project (which is worth 75%) is Tuesday 2nd of MAY - I will be taking all project work up then & in that double class on Tuesday 2nd of May our two models will be modelling for the life sketching examination as a trial practice run - so everyone MUST have completed their entire project by then - stickers attached etc - as I went through with you in class this week. As Monday 1st of May is a bank holiday we will not have school that day to finish off project work so it is your responsibility to have all your own project work in on Tuesday - finished!

It is very important that you do not miss this deadline - extra time can not be given now at this stage - you had the Easter break to finish off any work - at this stage it is about labeling the work, adding finishing touches & putting them (in order of number) into the grey envelopes (examination no,. on the outside) Well done to all of  you so far for putting in such hard work & dedication throughout this very difficult project :)

Next it is time to focus on the STILL LIFE & LIFE SKETCHING - this exam takes place on Wed. 10th of May in the art room - please be on time, do not forget your still life object & art equipment that you need to complete it.
We will use the art classes from 2-10th of May to practice for the drawing exams.

The following is the list of artwork that will be submitted for the project- which you started in OCT and now finish at the end of APRIL: (I have a record of all the work sumbitted also)

  1. Prep for painting
  2. Final painting
  3. Support studies
  4. 3D prep sheet
  5. 3D final piece
  6. Bookcraft prep sheet
  7. Bookcraft final piece
  8. Support studies- 3D artist & BC artist on same A2 sheet (1 at either side)

Remember that there should be paragraphs on all of the prep sheets - check grammar & spelling errors & correct.

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