Tuesday, 28 March 2017

3rd Year Art REMINDERS - Project & deadlines

Tuesday 28th March '17.

  • Everyone should have their 3D final piece complete and submitted at this stage.  You have had over four weeks to complete this plus the midterm break.  I will be collecting the remaining 3D pieces this week.

  • Everyone should have at least FIVE artworks made for their Bookcraft prep sheet for the double class today (Tuesday 28th March) and should now be concentrating on the bookcraft prep and final book-craft.  

  • Remember the Book-craft prep. sheet is the same as your first prep and 3D prep where you should have at least 7-8 artworks on it but you need to include a sample of the Book-craft design (make a mini one & attach to the prep sheet paper) as well as samples of any fabrics, materials or decoration that you are planning on having in your final bookcraft.  There should be a high degree of detail in the Book-craft prep and final for anyone doing HL. I have gone through all of this already but if anyone is unsure please come to me this week.

  • Remember the entire project (75%) has to be officially submitted on Friday 28th March.  No work will be accepted after this date.

  • PROJECT DEADLINE: Friday 28th March '17 - Work can not be accepted after this point.

Today in class the following student went through the work they had submitted so far from the art room storage:

Aine: submitted 1) prep (is at home) 2) final painting 3) support studies 4) 3D prep 5) 3D final
Kayleigh: submitted 1) prep 2)final painting 3) support studies 4) 3D prep 5) waiting on 3D fnal
Caoimhe: submitted 1) prep 2) final painting 3)support studies 4) 3D prep 5) waiting on 3D final
Naibha: submitted 1) prep 2) final painting 3) support studies 4) 3D prep 5) 3D final
Adriana: no work submitted to date - all at home 
Aoife: submitted 1) final painting - all rest of work at home 
Kate: submitted 1) prep 2) final painting 3) support studies 4) 3D prep 5) 3D final
Chloe: submitted 1) prep 2)final painting 3) support studies 4) 3D prep 5) waiting on 3D final
Melissa: submitted final painting - rest at home
Jack Coyle: submitted:  1) prep 2) final painting at home 3) support studies 4) 3D prep 5) waiting on 3D final 
John: submitted: 1) prep 2) final 3) support studies 4) 3D prep. 5) 3D final


Remaining work to be submitted before 28th March:  

6) Book-craft prep.
7) Book-craft final piece
8) Support studies for 3D artist & Book-craft artist

Another reminder of what everyone needs to have submitted by 28th March:

  1. Prep sheet for painting
  2. Final painting
  3. Support studies - artist based on the first two pieces
  4. 3D prep. sheet
  5. Final 3D piece
  6. Bookcraft prep. sheet
  7. Bookcraft final piece
  8. Support studies - for 3D artist & bookcraft artist on the same sheet (half & half) 
  9. Life sketching - portrait (Takes place on Wed. 10th of May)
  10. Still life - object (Takes place on Wed. 10th of May)

  • I have printed out handouts with the above project work outlined and with deadline dates so everyone should already be very familiar with this list. Parents have also received this list with the deadlines. We also discussed this at the recent Parent/ Teacher meeting in March.

  • REMINDER: All prep. sheet's should have typed up paragraph's clearly explaining to the examiner what your theme or idea is for each section of the project. So there should be a paragraph on your: prep for painting, prep for 3D, prep. for Book-craft.  This is the only opportunity you have to communicate/ talk to your examiner.

  • The Tuesday before all the work is submitted on Friday 28th March I will be giving everyone the examination grey envelopes & the labels for each part of the project with HL & OL stickers also, that you will place on your artwork - I will talk you through this in the double class step by step.  REMEMBER your project work is your own responsibility & once labelled and inserted into the envelopes it can not be removed from the art room.  You will need your examination number for this class. 

  • You will receive the drawing exam (still life & life sketching) papers two weeks before Wed. 10th of May to choose your object and practice & we will have a couple of classes drawing the two T.Y girls that we have chosen to draw for the life sketching exam
  • Drawing exams take place on Wed. 10th March.

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