Friday, 24 February 2017

Life models for the life sketching Jcert Mock examinations in March

Junior Cert Art Group:

Please use these photo's below of the 2 T.Y models who we had a practice round sketching before midterm as a guideline to help you progress, practice and develop your portrait drawing skills on the lead up to this exam in March.  As discussed, you have to draw your chosen model from head to shoulders only, on A2 white paper (which we will give you on the day of exam) and you can choose a range of medium to use which compliments your portrait sketch ie; paint, colouring pencil, charcoal, pen, pencil, or a combination of a couple of mediums.  Please do not try new techniques/mediums for the first time during the examination - this is why the exam paper is given out to you 2 weeks in advance of the exam to enable you to prepare, make decisions & practice.  

Please do not forget to bring in your object from the exam paper for your STILL LIFE exam on the same day. You will lose considerable marks if the object you decided draw is not on the official exam paper. Please practice, choose backgroud colours, techniques & mediums in advance of this exam also.

See photos of models (as they will be in exam) below:

These images (permission from the two models) will be deleted once examination is complete. 

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