Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Junk Kouture Entries - TY Group 1 - Zonenepesta

Below are some photos of the 2017 TY Junk Kouture entries from Magh Ene College;

Zonenepetsa - meaning Junk in Native American

Designed and made by Rachel Mc Gee, Caoimhe Delaney & Hannah Mc Nulty - TY students.
Modelled by Rachel Mc Gee

Description & Details:

We made our creation entirely from recycled materials that we collected and sourced over time and we gave them a brand new lease of life with our tribal, aztec inspired design.

To create the main bodice of the dress we firstly, cut up an old t-shirt and long vest top which were damanged and sewed them into a sweetheart neckline shaped garment. We spray painted the fabric and we added old feathers which we had collected over a period of four months from a local pet shop, which we treated, cleaned and then spray painted to add rose gold, silver and bronze tones.  We cut the feathers to them size and added glitter for a touch of glamour and sparkle. We then added details to the bodice to add a range of textures to the dress (see of range materials used to create details listed below:)

1) We weaved toilet roll holders to add detail to the bodice. We used plastic bottles which we had been collecting and made them into flower shapes which we spray painted rose gold.
2) We rolled old newspapers to create a spiral shaped design which we placed on the bodice of the dress.
3) We used medicine caps which we had collected from a team members granny, to add aztec style designs to our garment.
4) We washed and cut up used white plastic spoons from our school canteen to add more aztec, trial inspired elements of design to our dress.
5) We cut up plastic bags to add white tassles to the hem of the garment and we used over 200 plastic bags to add texture to the reserve side of the long train behind the dress.

 The shoes were made from an old damaged pair of silver heels, we repaired the broken strap, added some lace from an old cutrain which we sprayed rose gold and glued on twigs which we cut down to size to fit the heel of the platform shoe.

The headpiece we created is moulded from scratch entirely out of broken twigs that we collected from a nearby forest. Once the twigs had tried out, we cut them to size, shaped them, painted them and added finishing touches such as glitter, beads and pearls which we sourced from broken necklaces and earrings.  We also added more feathers which we had treated and spray painted to the ends of a selection of twigs to tie in with the feathers throughout the bodice and hem of the garments train.

To create a dramatic effect we added a long white train to the back of our dress. We used plastic bags which we cut into squares to add volume to the undercoat of the train, and fabric from an old bed sheet which we cut up and spray painted rose gold and then added an old lace curtain over it so reflections of the rose gold colour underneath came through the lace curtain fabric.  We transformed this into an elegant train adding old painted feathers and glitter to the hem to add a touch of glamour and to catch the light and glisten while moving.

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