Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Junior Cert Art - REMINDER!!!

Tues 15th Nov.

As there is a lot on this week between football, musical rehearsals & trips I will not see everyone's work this week - although I will get the chance to see you in Friday's class - therefore it is VERY important that everyone please bring's in their art pad & project work this Friday.  At this stage everyone should be working on their final piece - I was disappointed to learn that some people have only just started it & still have a lot of decision making to do regarding the backgrounds/foregounds etc of their piece - this should have all been decided last week.  You have only TWO WEEKS left to get the final piece handed in by 29th Nov.

For your Christmas exam, as discussed with you in class, I will be collecting the first prep sheet and final piece (both need to be fully finished) and this will make up 80% of your overall exam - then 20% will be made up of your drawing exam - You will be given a handout and asked to sketch facial features - focused on portraiture - you will also be given a sheet to do this work on - you must bring your drawing pencils & your own art equipment for the exam.

After the Christmas exam's we will be moving straight onto the 'support studies' where you research an artist based on your first two pieces (prep & final piece)

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