Tuesday, 22 November 2016

5th Year Art - Homework - Tuesday 22nd Nov. ( this homework is for Friday 25th Nov)

Tues 22nd Nov.

Complete the following short question's (below) based on Newgrange for this Friday 25th Nov.- I will also take up your 2006. Q.1 essay on Friday too which I gave to you to start in class last Friday - Also, anyone who has still not handed up the 2014 Q.1 question I need those to be handed in before this Friday also.

EXTENSION: I have decided to extend the DEADLINE for your Still Life final piece to be handed in on Friday 2nd (it is an art history class but I want you to hand in the Still life anyway so have it with you to class on that Friday).  The Still Life exam is worth 50% and your art history exam is worth 50%

  • Could everyone please keep all of the exam paper essay's that I give you to do in one hard back copy or folder.  This will ensure everything in organized and in the same place when revising. 

Newgrange - Short Question's:

Please include sketch's with your answers.

1. What is a corbelled roof? – Draw it

2. What is meant by a roof box – Draw it

3. What is an entrance stone – Draw it

4. What is a Kerbstone?

5.Write 3 sentences describing what the winter solstice at Newgrange is?

6. Sketch in pencil an aerial view of Newgrange, Co.Meath.

7.   Discuss the decoration at Newgrange.

8. Discuss the construction of Negrange.

9. Discuss the techniques used at Newgrange

10. What do you know about the beliefs of the people who build Newgrange?

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