Tuesday, 8 November 2016

3rd Year - Art exam' Projects

Tues 8th Nov.

After talking to each of you individually today, some had the prep. sheet finished and some people are unfortunately VERY far behind.  You were given an extension of midterm break to finish off the prep sheet, which you already had 4 weeks to work on before Midterm break.

I need to see everyone's finished prep. sheet this Thursday 10th Nov.  Those who I asked to make small changes / adjustments to their work, please have it done for Thursday.  Everyone works look's great, there are just some minor changes to be made to improve/fix up/ tidy up the work.

Everyone needs to be started their final piece this week - From today, 8th Nov, you have 2.5weeks until the final piece has to be handed up (I gave this deadline today - Friday 25th Nov.)

You should all be thinking about/ researching & planning the layout of your prep. sheet, what colour card you would like to use, which will compliment your 8 art pieces (and photos), what decor pieces could you add to improve the overall presentation of your prep sheet etc

Also could everyone who has not yet written out their paragraph or paragraph's for their prep sheet please write it out in pencil on paper for me for this Thursday too & I will help you write or re-write it. This will then need to be typed up & printed off.  Make sure you leave room on the prep sheet card to stick in down.

Well done to those of you who worked hard to get the first prep sheet done.  Keep up the good work.
I will talk to everyone individually again on Thursday - please do not forget artwork/sketch pads.

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